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All artwork is accepted via e-mail or mail in photos. If you are unable to created your artwork, we can help design something just for you.
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Personalized Teacher Gifts

School Gifts

You may have four or five teachers and principal to find that unique gift for and it does get expensive. Well, you came to the right place for that unique and personalized gifts at reasonable prices. Thank them for their dedication with a personalized gift. Free gift cards included if requested.

You name it! We'll try and design it!

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Personalized Aprons

Adult Apron












Personalized Teachers Mouse Pad

Custom mouse pads measure 7.5" x 8" with a rubber base.

Teachers Mouse Pad, Principal Mouse Pad, School Nurse Mouse Pad, Music Teachers Mouse Pad, Librarians Mouse Pad, Coaches Mouse Pad, Bus Driver Mouse Pad, Crossing Guard Mouse Pad.
Mouse Pad









Personalized Teacher Teddy Bears

12" Teddy bears come assorted colors white or brown, with designed white t-shirt.

Teachers Teddy Bear, Principal Teddy Bear, School Nurse Teddy Bear, Music Teachers Teddy Bear, Librarians Teddy Bear, Coaches Teddy Bear, Bus Drivers Teddy Bear, Crossing Guard Teddy Bear.

Teddy Bear


Design Style Number Style

Personalized Teacher Clocks

All custom clocks are 9 1/2", round durable plastic frame, all clocks use 1 AA battery and come in assorted colors. You may request a certain color, if in stock. Teachers Clock with design or numbers.
Teacher Clock





Teacher Tote Bags - School Tote Bags

Personalized Teacher Tote Bags

Natural Cotton Tote Bags measure 15" x 16" x 22" handles, come with design and personalized name.

Teachers Tote Bag, Principals Tote Bag, School Nurses Tote Bag, Music Teachers Tote Bag, Dance Teachers Tote Bag.
Tote Bag









School Custom Buttons

Personalized Teacher Buttons

School Buttons

2 1/4 Inch Round Custom Pin-back Buttons

No Setup Fee!

No Minimum Order!

Teachers Button, Principal Button, School Nurse Button, Music Teachers Button, Librarians Button, Coaches Button, Bus Driver Button, Crossing Guard Button.
Custom Button






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